How Can You Help?


Your tax-deductible contribution will help support over 200,000 individuals in the South Jamaica community. 100% of all donated resources will go directly to our Food Pantry. Reminder: No donation is too small – your general monetary donation can be done below.


Please complete the Volunteer Application Form if your interested in becoming a volunteer. ​If your group would like to join our community of supporters, please contact us by email: thfv@thfv.org or call 347-661-7382.


Use your voice, engage in community action to win the fight against hunger and poverty. We can do this together as we drive policy improvements as we see our cities free from hunger. ​

Become A Volunteer

THFV is a food pantry home to the largest pantry in Queens, New York serving over 200,000 low-income individuals each year.

Volunteers are essential to the success of our program. They are the front liner at our food pantry. To become a volunteer please submit your name and email address. Someone will respond to your email with the next steps to becoming a volunteer with our program.

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