Food Pantry

Every week, The Harding Ford Vision, Inc (THFV) provides health and wellness services to underserved communities throughout New York City. We provide them with

food and additional resources they need to survive

We envision ourselves as a conduit to provide nutritious food, senior care services, as

well as Pre & Post-Natal support for our local extended community. The program is operated by volunteers that are dedicated to the community. These volunteers collect food, stock shelves, distribute food, unload trucks, and assist with keep and maintenance of the facility.


Soup Kitchen

The soup kitchen is staffed by caring volunteers motivated to feed the hungry, give drink to the thirsty, and welcome strangers. Our goals is to provide a healthy appetizing meal at individuals and families at no cost. We currently serve an average of 75-125 individuals each week


Baby Program

The program was founded by Virginia Brown in 2004. This program is a support system to many low-income mothers, fathers, grand-parents, and guardians in our community. Our goal is to continue the efforts of the governmental programs such as the Women’s Infant & Children Program (WIC).


We promote healthy earing habits and care for infants and toddlers. Families that come to the Baby Program are recipients of WIC as well. Many families are grateful to our program as we pick up where such programs as WIC leave off. While they are waiting for governmental support, we help to fill their needs. Community members report this program is essential to many families.


Senior Program

This program was founded by LaNeda Mondesir in 2014. This program is a seasonal program to provide support to our senior during the holiday season. We currently, support 100 seniors each year with holiday wish which is donated through many volunteers gift granters through the Winter Wish Program New York Cares